Computer Repair Services

With the experience and guidance of our Systems Professionals, we can provide all the hardware and Software support for your computers. Evaluating each computer carefully and diligently, our staff can recommend new computers and hardware at a very competitive price. We will sit down with you and determine the best IT solution appropriate for your computer and your budget. Our goal is to minimize downtime so you can work without disruption. These are some of the services we offer on site and walk in:

  • Diagnostic and Computer Repair Services  –  Is your computer presenting with problematic symptoms?  If so, you will probably want a professional opinion. One of our computer repair technicians will help you understand why that computer keeps turning off, why the printer will not print, why you can no longer get your email or why the computer will not turn on at all.
  • Virus Removal  –  Is your antivirus reporting that your computer is infected with a virus but it is unable to remove it?  Are you plagued with persistent pop-ups trying to sell you products to remove spyware? One of our technicians can remove that virus and stop those pesky pop-ups as well as tell you how to avoid them in the future.
  • System Cleanup & Tune Up  –  Is your computer running slow for no apparent reason? If it is, it may simply need a good cleaning both physically and within the operating system. Mobile Computer Services will clean out all those cobwebs and get that computer running smooth again.
  • System Setup  –  Have you purchased or received a new computer? A technician will setup your new computer, install peripheral drivers and software as needed, transfer all your important data from your old computer including pictures, documents, emails, contacts (address book) and financial data etc. One of our computer specialists can also make sure the new computer is secure for Internet use.
  • Networking  –  Do you need your computers in your home or office networked?  Mobile Computer Services can setup a secure wired or wireless network in order for you to share resources.  You can share high-speed Internet, printers, files and in certain cases scanners.